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Emo Applicant


The Basic
Name: Angel
Nickname: None
Location: Fort Worth Texas
Birthday: October 29

Bands: Bring Back Tomorrow
Pedro The Lion
Brand New
Bright Eyes
Fall Out Boy
Taking Back Sunday
Straylight Run
Matchbook Romance
The Early November
Movies: Donnie Darko
Breakfast Club
Sixteen Candles
Empire Records
Resident Evil 1 and 2
Books: The Vampire Lestat
The Ark
The Stand
Songs: Timberwolves In New Jersey : Taking back sunday
Seventy Times Seven : Brand New
Ms.White In The Study With A Knife : Bring Back Tomorrow
The Pros And Cons Of Breathing : Fall Out Boy

Racism: ehh racism is just another form of ignorance enough said on that cause I can go on forever about that topic
StraightxEdge: I admire all the people who are straight edge (not those trendy kids who just do it cause they think it’s emo) but the people who really believe in it I am not straight edge I drink occasionally but that’s it but yea it’s still bad
Gay Marriage: I don’t know why it’s even such an issue people should marry whoever they want who is the government to say you can’t love somebody just because they’re the same gender as you
Hilary Duff: I don’t know enough about her to like or hate her so yea

What's your least favorite song?: that new song by beastie boys check it out bugs me so much I just want to stab myself in the eye with a pencil every time I hear it
Why do you want to join?: I want to join because emo is the best music out there and it just seems like a really rad community

Promote us in one place and then give us the exact link. My live journal

Give at least one picture of’s 3

And give an 100x100 picture for our accepted members part</cut>
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